Setting Up Service

The following information is provided to help you understand Atascadero Mutual Water Company's (AMWC's) procedures and requirements for water service. As a condition of service, each shareholder (property owner) must abide by the policies, rates, bylaws, and regulations of AMWC. Refer to Policy 1.2.2 New Meter Application [pdf].

Transferring an Existing Water Service to Your Name

OWNERS:  If you purchase a home or business in Atascadero that currently has water service, complete the online form by clicking on the Start Service button below or call the AMWC office at (805) 466-2428 as soon as your escrow has closed to have the account put into your name,

TENANTS: Because of AMWC's status as a non-profit mutual water company, AMWC can only serve shareholders (legal owner on record). If an owner wishes to have a duplicate bill sent to another party, AMWC must have a Billing Option Form on file. The original bill will be sent to the shareholder, and the shareholder is ultimately responsible for payment of all charges.

Applying for a New Water Meter

In order for AMWC to provide service to your parcel, you will be required to complete a New Meter Application, have a current Will-Serve Letter Request on file, and provide a copy of the building permit for the parcel, prior to payment of the fees applicable to the parcel and installation of the water meter. It is up to you to determine the size of the water meter you will need for your project.

Will Serve Letters

A Will Serve Letter provides the conditions under which AMWC will provide water service to your property. You may be asked for a Will-Serve Letter Request during the building permit process with the City of Atascadero or the County of San Luis Obispo.

accessory Dwelling Units

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on a single-family residential property may obtain water service from same meter that serves the primary dwelling unit on the property.  If the shareholder desires a separate meter for an accessory dwelling unit, the shareholder shall pay a connection fee and installation fee for the separate meter, with the connection fee based on meter size and installation fee based on actual costs.


The water bill for single-family residential properties with accessory dwelling units will be based on the number of dwelling units connected to the meter.


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