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Home Water Survey


You are invited to participate in our highly successful Home Water Survey Program. The program is free and is designed to help our customers conserve water and manage their landscape irrigation more efficiently. Since 1997, over 650 residents have participated in this beneficial program.

Did you know that outdoor water use accounts for over 50% of the total usage at your home? Evaluating and modifying irrigation schedules and checking for irrigation leaks can result in significant water savings, which saves you money. Most homeowners’ water use varies with the season; cooler temperatures and winter rains reduce landscape water needs. Water use in the winter months (November–March) accurately reflects basic indoor water needs.

As the autumn comes to an end, it is recommended that residents modify watering schedules to reflect the seasonal changes of winter. The shorter days and cooler temperatures mean your lawn and garden will need watering less frequently and for shorter periods of time, if at all.

During your Home Water Survey, AMWC’s water conservation staff will:

  • Inspect each irrigation station

  • Create a site-specific irrigation schedule

  • Provide you with a checklist of improvements for your irrigation system

  • Check toilets for leaks

  • Demonstrate how to read your water meter

  • Provide other water conservation tips


Each appointment is tailored to meet your needs: a typical appointment takes

between 60 and 90 minutes. We encourage you to take advantage of this free

program by completing the Home Water Survey Request. We look forward

to hearing from you.

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