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Service Interruptions

Emergency Shutdowns

The distribution system occasionally has unexpected main breaks. When an emergency shutdown occurs, the crews rarely have the opportunity to notify the public.

Planned Shutdowns

For a planned water main shutdown, AMWC gives 48-hour notice to its customers in the area that will be affected by the shutdown.

Water Main Break

Other Reasons for Disruption in Service

  • If you just purchased your house and have not contacted our office to start service, your water may have been turned off as part of AMWC's standard procedures. Call our office at 805-466-2428 to start water service in your name and have your water turned on.

  • If your water service has been interrupted because it was shut off for non-payment, you will be required to pay the shut-off fee, in addition to the past due balance before service can be restored. If you are unable to pay during normal business hours and use our emergency number (805-466-9004) to arrange for your service to be restored, you will be required to pay an after-hours turn-on fee, in addition to the shut-off fee and past due balance. Please refer to Penalty Charges section on the Rates and Charges page regarding these fees.

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