Customer Service

Customer Service Mission Statement: To exceed customer expectations with a knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient staff.

Billing & Payment information is provided to help you understand water billing and payment policies of Atascadero Mutual Water Company (AMWC). Visit the Billing & Payment page for more information.

Rates and charges are subject to change at any time, without notice. AMWC may also require the shareholder to fulfill other conditions, such as the design and construction of water main extensions, before it will provide water service to the property. Visit the Rates & Charges page for more information.

This information is provided to help you understand Atascadero Mutual Water Company's (AMWC's) procedures and requirements for water service. As a condition of service, each shareholder (property owner) must abide by the policies, rates, byloaws, and regulations of AMWC. Visit the Setting Up Service page for more information.

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Consumer Information has helpful information on reading your meter, do-it-yourself leak detection, water pressure, pressure regulators, and possible causes of unexplained high-water use. Please visit the Consumer Information page for more info.

Visit the FAQ page where you can find answers to AMWC's most frequently asked questions.

The distribution system occasionally has unexpected main line breaks. When an emergency shutdown occurs, the crews rarely have the opportunity to notify the public. For a planned water main shutdown, AMWC gives a 48-hour notice to its customers in the area that will be affected by the shutdown. Visit the Service Interruptions page for more information.

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