Rates & Charges

The fees shown are subject to change at any time, without notice. AMWC may also require the shareholder to fulfill other conditions, such as the design and construction of water main extensions, before it will provide water service to the property.

Water Rates

Minimum Rate per Meter Size (No water use is included in the minimum monthly rate)

Charges for Water Consumption


  • Non-SFR - commercial, irrigation, multi-family residential, industrial

  • 15% pumping surcharge is not reflected in the rates above

Additional Monthly Charges

Penalty Charges



Board Policy 1.2.4 [pdf]

A connection fee is charged for each water meter connection. This fee is based on meter size, type of use, number of units, and fire sprinkler requirements. AMWC uses connection fee revenue to develop new water sources for its shareholders. Connection fees are based on the potential impact that a water service has on the water supply system. EDU is defined as an Equivalent Dwelling Unit. The connection fees for single-family residences and commercial units are as follows:

Connection Fees


  1. Connection fees are based on number of EDU's or meter size, whichever is greater.

  2. All common area landscaping and other amenities on the property shall obtain water through a dedicated irrigation service.

  3. Includes RV park spaces and bed & breakfast units

  4. Dedicated Fire Lines are allowed on commercial and industrial properties only.



Board Policy 1.4.3 [pdf]

Service installation fees are charged on a case-by-case basis. This fee is based on meter size and is intended to reimburse AMWC for the cost of materials, equipment, and labor required to install the new meter.  AMWC will provide a quotation after the 
New Meter Application is submitted.

Service Installation Fees

NOTE: The installation fee must be paid before water service can be activated.


 Other Installation Fees  

Meter Set Fee - Charge to install a water meter in a service installation constructed by a contractor.

Meter Adjust Fee - $280 Charge to relocate a water meter in line with the existing meter. Customer is required to connect customer side of meter.

Residential Meter Upgrade - Charge to upgrade from one meter size to another. Note that the connection fee rate for a 1 inch meter will be computed at the 3/4 inch meter rate only when the larger meter is needed for a residential fire sprinkler system. Meter upgrade issues under this allownace are subject to additional conditions and restrictions.

Meter Downgrade 

  • There is no charge to downgrade to a smaller size meter

  • When a meter is downgraded, the difference in the connection fee is lost

  • If a customer decides to go back to a larger meter after downgrade, the difference in the connection fees between the two meters will have to be paid.

Service Kill Fee - $450

Tap Charge - AMWC will provide a quotation


Hydrant Meter Fees


High Use Adjustment

For qualifying high-use adjustments, the billing adjustment will be 50% of the difference bewteen the high-use water bill and the average-use water bill. To see if you qualify for a leak adjustment, please review the policy and complete a High-Use Application Form found on the FORMS page.