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Rainfall & Weather


Atascadero Mutual Water Company maintains a weather station at 6575 Sycamore Road, near the confluence of Atascadero Creek and the Salinas River. 

Our automated weather station logs temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, barometric pressure, and solar radiation. Rain amount shown is the total amount recorded since midnight local time and the seasonal total includes all precipitation for the current rainfall year which begins on July 1. Data from the AMWC weather station is refreshed at 5-minute intervals.

Additional rainfall data for locations throughout San Luis Obispo County is available on the county's rain and stream data monitoring page at [link opens in new window]

Data automatically updates every 5 minutes
Rain amount shown is total since midnight local time
Seasonal total is for current rain year starting July 1

Data Sharing


Data from our automated weather station is uploaded to the NOAA Citizen Weather Observing Program (CWOP) and Weather Underground every 5 minutes. Our NOAA CWOP callsign is GW3053 and our Weather Underground PWS ID is KCAATASC252.​ Data shared via the NOAA CWOP can also be viewed in other open data apps such as

Please click the logos below for a direct link to our shared weather data:


Historical Records


Annual precipitation amounts for this location have been monitored since 1915. A PDF file containing past and current precipitation data can be downloaded below. This file is updated by 4 PM, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

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